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Family Office Investments

Alternative investments with a focus on the real estate and private equity.

Investments in start-ups and private equity.

Investments in commercial and industrial space.

Investments in residential housing.

Our Investment Thesis

We invest in innovative start-up companies with exceptional founders, particularly software as a service.  We especially like marketing technology, business insight solutions, cybersecurity, and fintech.  We also fund commercial and residential real estate deals.  Environmental, Social and Governance principles underlie our thought processes when contemplating where to add value.  Please reach out and share your projects with us!

 A little bit about us...

The Partnership is an offshoot of the family's original business, Respironics, which began operations out of a suburban kitchen in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.  Many friends chipped in to provide early funding, and reaped the benefits of the Initial Public Offering in 1987.

The company, established in Pittsburgh, IPO'd in 1987, and became a model corporate citizen, establishing a culture of innovation and community engagement.

Philips acquired Respironics in 2007 for $5B.  The company now operates as Philips Respironics.