Florida Venture Capital Conference – January 29-31, 2020

I’m super excited to attend the Florida Venture Capital Conference later this month in Orlando, FL. Looking forward to meeting new potential funding partners for our portfolio companies that include SaaS FinTech, CyberSecurity, Martech and Mobility companies, as well as Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals. This is my first time attending a Venture Forum in Florida. I’ll be honest – I usually head down to Florida from Pittsburgh several times over the winter to warm up and play golf with family and friends.

I tend to look for regional strengths when I visit a new area for potential investments. For example, our hometown of Pittsburgh tends to serve up tech-heavy enterprises, such as Autonomous Vehicles, or Inter-Planetary Provisioning, or Robotics companies. I’m curious to see if there is a trend among Florida Start-ups. My prejudice is that there is an emphasis on consumer-facing products and lifestyle plays. But I could be totally wrong… For example, we do have an excellent business partner in Steelbridge Labs, which houses their origin database and data engineers in Miami.

If you’re going to the conference too, check out our portfolio that features some of Pittsburgh’s finest high-tech companies – and looking forward to meeting you in FL!

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