Hootsuite partnership with our portfolio company UpContent brings value to the ecosystem


Hootsuite integrates new “Curate” software from UpContent.

Hootsuite, known for its top of the line social media management, has launched a new software known as “Curate”, after forming a partnership with the company UpContent.

Curate lets users discover relevant articles to expand brand outreach, find new followers and connect with consumers.

After discovering that approximately 45% of users that in the 16-64 age range actively seek shareable content of interest to their customers, Hootsuite integrated the “Curate – powered by UpContent” app to assist these select groups of users to find what they are looking for.

Hootsuite conducted a survey in which 84% of professional organizations saw a large improvement in “Brand health” via social media outreach and employee engagement by sharing content through their social outlets. Curate will allow employees to have an easier time outfitting their social presence with customizable tools and an easy to navigate user interface.

How is their partnership helpful to Pittsburgh?

  1. This partnership will significantly increase UpContent’s international and enterprise level sales.
  2. The company expects to triple its current headcount to manage the uptick.
  3. For local investors, it validates a solid investment opportunity for those set on growing Pittsburgh start-ups
  4. It provides a network effect in that other local founders can learn from UpContent’s go-to-market playbook.

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