Solheim Cup 2021 – Europeans (mostly Mel Reid) on a winning team.

European Women determined to bring out their very best to bring the Solheim Cup 2021 back across the pond.

The Solheim Cup is the ladies' chance to bond and develop a team that hopefully will create history together. (this post is only marginally about golf).

Thanks to Jordan Eiserman and the team at Hylant for sponsoring the event, and inviting me to attend. I loved touring the practice round and getting autographs and pictures with some of my sheroes.

I especially like following the European underdogs (according to some), particularly those with fabulous Irish and British accents.  Listen in to this press conference for some truly inspirational insights.

I love how veteran player Mel Reid is planning to quiet down the American fans with better play than their opponents.  Love her focus.

I especially like how she emphasizes that winning for the team is more memorable than any individual record in the event.  She advocates that a tight and unified team can overcome the odds, and that inspired match play has an energy all of its own.  I love this devotion to teamwork, and as I said that this post is only partially about golf, I especially resonate with this idea that winning one for the team is super-energizing.  Hey, let's all try to win one for our team, and to help advance ourselves forward after the troubled interim since the last Solheim Cup in 2019.  (troubled primarily by Covid-19!)

The Europeans really want to take this Cup home, and I love hearing all of their positive affirmations to pull out a victory. Team USA is not going to make that an easy matter, at all.  As shown in the image below, with the devoted support of my friends,  I captured every member of the American team's signature on this flag.

Special thanks to my team, Jordan Eiserman of Hylant and Lauren Smyers of Validor Capital for making it possible to get close to these great players.

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